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I work with entrepreneurs, startups and SMB brands.

I take on a limited number of projects at a time. 
I devote a lot of time and care to each branding assignment. I try to be available on short notice but it's not always possible.
Schedule in advance to be sure I'm available.
I am often booked two months in advance. If you can't wait, I will try to recommend someone I trust.
I work in the following industriess...
Business services
Financial services
Personal services
Consumer goods
Hotels and restaurants

Branding Budgets

Most of my projects are done under nondisclosure agreements. Strong brands provide a business advantage, so the strategy behind them is proprietary information.
I create personal brands for online entrepreneurs - namely, those who sell their own creative services (solopreneurs) and those who sell classes and workbooks (infopreneurs). The goal is to identify the clearest and most sustainable USP that will drive their success.
Budget $3120
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I work with funded startups (companies and products/services). These clients usually need ground rules to ensure their marketing resonates with the right audience in the right way.
Budget $3840-$5940 depending on services
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I work with small businesses that have under 100 employees and $750,000-$9 million in revenues. Usually, these clients want a brand strategy to power growth or fend off commoditization. Much of the research can be repurposed, for example in a business plan to solicit capital.
Budget $3840-$12,450 depending on size/services
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I work with midsize businesses that have 100-999 employees and generate $10 million-$750 million in revenues. Generally, the branding strategies of these clients involve a lot of moving parts and require deep analysis.
Budget $7080-$20,000 depending on size/services
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About Brand Strategy Budgets

In general, I set brand strategy budgets at 1/2% or less of revenues. Startups fall in line with small to midsize businesses. Personal brand budgets are based on the amount of time required to do one, not revenues.
A brand strategy is an investment that lays the groundwork for business decisions and how you market your company and acquire customers. It is part of your business value. A clear, powerful brand should last a lifetime, barring a disruptive force (like Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry).

Why Design Isn't Branding

Most designers and design firms will ask you about your customers, your competition, and your business before creating a logo, letterhead, and other marketing materials. The problem is, this isn't how branding is done.

Branding requires objective research. The purpose of research is to correct any misconceptions you have about your customers and to identify missed opportunities. 

Branding tells you what you don't know. And what you don't know can bite you in the ass.
If you have questions, drop me an email. If you are in a panic give me a call (but email is usually a better way to go.)
Julie Myers | Copywriter
[email protected]
+1 386 868 3682
Skype: livebrandstampede
Asking new questions provides new answers.
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