I build sites from scratch using Oxygen Builder. I can also build e-commerce sites using WooCommerce. 


I build email templates for hotels and the travel industry using an HTML builder and test them in Email on Acid.


I use Powtoons to create animated short videos and Melody Loops to add royalty-free music loops.


I write conversion copy for websites and landing pages that persuade visitors to act or make a purchase.

SEO-Friendly Writing

I write SEO-friendly copy to help websites rank well in search engines, especially in Google's universe.

Script Writing

I write scripts for short presenter videos and long informational videos, including those with a complex structure.

Business Plans

I write business plans to get startup funding using Live Plan software, SCORE templates, or SBA templates.

Marketing Plans

I write marketing plans in the hospitality industry, especially for hotels that cater to the luxury market.

Brand Strategies

I do the research and analysis to come up with brand strategies that solve persnickety business problems.

Native Content

I create native content, or sponsored content, that promotes a brand while engaging the reader.

Creative Copy

I excel at coming up with campaign concepts, headlines, and straplines (slogans) that grab attention.

Long-Form Copy

I know the lost art of creating long-form copy that generates and sustains interest in both digital and print media.

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