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Website Writing Projects

  • Buyer Personas – buyer personas are snapshots of your typical customer, used to put a face on people who might search for your website
  • Keyword Research – research search terms for a website or blog using forums, Wikipedia, and social media (to identify niche topics, buyer personas), and Google Keyword Planner to create a list of short and longtail keywords that will convert well
  • Information Architecture – how content will be organized on your site; I use Balsamiq to create IA wireframes
  • Landing Pages – any page can be a landing page including blog articles
  • Meta Descriptions – SEO keywords have to go in meta description snippets, the page URL, H2 headers, and alt tags
  • Skeleton Sites – to make it easier for you and your web developers, I can build out a WordPress site with the content in place (this replaces wireframes)

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