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Think Big

Concepts are the big ideas that drive copywriting. They express your unique selling proposition – the reason to buy that sets you apart from your competition. If there is no USP, a concept is smoke and mirrors.

Get Noticed

The average person is exposed to 360 marketing messages per day, but 50% of them slip by unnoticed. (Media Dynamics, Inc.) So what gets noticed? Surprise, joy, and humor are especially effective at grabbing attention. For more, see this article in Braze.

Be Recalled

Consumers recall no more than 12 marketing messages in a day across all media channels. You can increase your recall through frequency. Or you can use creativity to increase the impact made by your message. The latter is much cheaper and can go viral.

Create Trust

42% of boomers and 87% of millennials distrust brand marketing. Masterful copywriting overcomes mistrust by giving you a brand persona that people can connect to and believe in. Marketing is no longer raw promotion; it is a conversation.

Copywriting Projects

  • Direct Mail – product or service offers sent through the mail, usually a multi-piece package including a cover letter
  • Online Copywriting – the digital version of “salesmanship in print”
  • Landing Pages – structuring a sales argument and style to persuade visitors to take an action, such as provide a lead form, make a purchase, or donate
  • Print Ads – generally found in niche or entertainment publications, intended to build brand recognition and influence consumer behavior
  • Online Ads – similar in purpose to print ads but with format differences
  • Outdoor Ads – includes billboards, transit shelters, etc., usually fewer than 10 words with a striking visual
  • Print Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers – run the gamut from corporate credibility brochures to take-away sales pieces
  • Online Catalogs – basically, any e-commerce site with strong product descriptions and visuals
  • Executive Speeches – for shareholders or internal stakeholders

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