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Clients who prepare a good creative brief for a freelance copywriter come out ahead in several ways:

1. A good creative brief is a snapshot of your business. It eliminates a lot of preliminary research and saves time.

2. A good creative brief is a position statement for your business. It provides accurate creative direction and prevents brand missteps.

3. A good creative brief identifies the benefits unique to your business. It is the launchpad for creating sales-oriented communication.

Most clients outside of an agency or corporate setting do not know how to craft a good creative brief. Usually, this is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. Many clients have a hard time sifting through and prioritizing the ideas and facts about their own business. Some clients know their product’s features without understanding its benefits. And some clients simply refuse to admit that their product or service comes up short when measured against the competition.

If you’ve launched your business without a marketing plan, writing a creative brief will be one of the hardest and best things you’ve done to nurture success.

There are a few rules for writing great creative briefs.

1. The first rule of creative briefs is that less is more. If you can’t boil down an answer to a sentence or two, you don’t really have an answer. You have a paragraph.

2. The second rule is that if you don’t know an answer, say so. This will pinpoint an area that both you and your copywriter need to look into. It could yield surprising nuggets of valuable information you would miss if you tried to fake an answer.

3. The third rule is to use plain language, not empty jargon. Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” For the most part, buzzwords are just inflated neologisms.

The Einstein Brief

Einstein’s theorem on special relativity was E=mc2. Short and sweet. Use the link below to get the Einstein Creative Brief.

It is a to-the-point brief that establishes the guidelines for your project. I have provided one line up to three lines for your answers. That is it. Do not attach additional pages. Do not write in the margins.

Einstein Creative Brief



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