Food Writing

A rogue's gallery of miscellaneous food projects.


Sandals is a chain of Caribbean 18 all-inclusive resorts. The public perception is that inclusive dining ranks just above cat food in terms of gourmet status. Sandals wanted to change that perception, so it published a hefty brochure. It fell to me to write the analyze the menus and write tantalizing copy.



This is an oldie-but-goodie (you can tell by the typeface). The project was a B2B direct mail piece sent to grocers to persuade them to stock Del Monte fruit – especially bananas – instead of the other guys. Packed in a large wooden crate along with everything you'd need for a jungle safari, the brochure explained how Del Monte sources and supplies the best tropical fruits.


Another oldie goldie. E&G Food Co. has its roots in a meat distribution company, Oriente Comercial, founded in Puerto Rico in 1959 when the Quirch family fled the Cuban revolution. In 1967, Guillermo Quirch, Sr. and his sons Eduardo and Guillermo, Jr. opened E&G Foods in Miami. The company rebranded in 1997 as Quirch Foods and today, under management by the third generation of the family, is one of the largest food distributors in the Southeaster U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. Hispanic Business Magazine named it one the top 10 Hispanic businesses in the U.S. by revenues.


Fresh Diet, a meal delivery service, was founded in 2006 by foodpreneur Zalmi Duchman and Miami chef Yosef Schwartz with $500 on a credit card.  I wrote startup materials including a corporate brochure in 2009. By 2010, the firm had raised $2 million from private investors. In 2012, it was on Forbes list of most promising companies with $38 million in revenues. The company was sold to Innovative Holdings in 2014, which quickly expanded nationwide. It was too much, too fast and the company began to implode. Although Duchman reacquired the firm in March 2016, he was unable to turn it around. Fresh Diet abruptly closed four months later. A website placeholder is all that remains. 


What does filtration have to do with food? Filters are used by beverage makers, among others. This is a B2B brochure and catalog of the company's best-selling products. Maybe filters would seem boring to some copywriters, but to me, the logistics of getting the right filters shipped to, say, a factory in Jamaica without losing production time is fascinating. EPS is a small family-owned company that delivers on service as well as pricing. They epitomize American entrepreneurship at its best.


I wrote the packaging copy. To be honest, I would have handled it differently it the creative direction was in my control. But, writers do not have that luxury. Damo is a private, family-owned bakery operation headquartered in Miami. The cookies are delicious, by the way.


I did the original brand positioning for an ad agency under a non-disclosure agreement in 2014. The packaging was created by a boutique design firm, Cremé de Mint of Miami. I had nothing to do with the success of the packaging, which won a HOW award. Tio Gazpacho is delicious and convenient; that is no secret. In 2018, Tio Gazpacho was acquired by Novamex. 


This was another NDA branding project done for an agency in 2014. The original packaging (shown) was designed by Swig Studio of San Francisco. Later, Rocket Dog Creative Studio of Miami and This Is Chance of Argentina created packaging designs. Caribé Juice received ¢2 million in two rounds of funding in 2017. The company has moved beyond its original "exotic juices" positioning, with mixed reviews.


I am a Florida-based freelance copywriter who works with clients across the U.S. and globally. My specialty is creating voices for experiential brands and using them consistently across digital and traditional channels. I have been a copywriter for 30 years and have loved (almost) every minute of it.

To solve a problem, begin by looking at it in new ways. Asking new questions will result in new answers.

If you have questions, drop me an email. If you are in a panic give me a call (but email is usually a better way to go.)
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