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I know Google reads blogs. And I know how important they are for SEO. But sometimes I wonder if it is worth the effort. Heresy, yes. But the truth is, you have to be fucking brilliant to get noticed these days.

I am smart. I'm good at what I do. But I'm no Seth Godin or Neil Patel. Something to work toward, I guess.
Ideas that power yogurt sales

A look at 30 years of yogurt sales and the ideas behind them.

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Who Drinks Beer and Why

If beer sales are based on deeper stories than taste, then a nondrinker can write them.

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Can Pabst Blue Ribbon become cool again?

Can PBR regain its past hipster status or does it need a new strategy?

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Beer brand writing that totally crushes it

Let's avoid frothy writing. Here are some examples of great copywriting for beer brands.

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Why I write for food brands

Why do I write for food brands when I could write for other industries like banking?

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Favorite tools for freelance writers

Here are the tools I use to streamline and improve my workflow.

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How to recognize a bad writer

Hack freelance writers are anxious to take your money without letting you know you've been cheated.

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Great writers who flunked Grammerly

Just for fun, I ran some of the best prose in the English language through Grammerly.

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5 reasons that lists suck

Are there really only Seven Wonders of the World? And why isn't my toy poodle, Buster, included?

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I am a Florida-based freelance copywriter who works with clients across the U.S. and globally. My specialty is creating voices for experiential brands and using them consistently across digital and traditional channels. I have been a copywriter for 30 years and have loved (almost) every minute of it.

To solve a problem, begin by looking at it in new ways. Asking new questions will result in new answers.

If you have questions, drop me an email. If you are in a panic give me a call (but email is usually a better way to go.)
Julie Myers | Copywriter
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