Managed email marketing for independent luxury hotels

Totally turnkey. Totally without risk or upfront cost.

We get paid a percentage of the revenue we create

This varies depending on the number of properties, the number of keys, and the size of your database. In general, though, it is about half what you pay an OTA. We absorb all the risk. If we don't produce bookings, we don't get paid – it's that simple.

Who we work with

Independent luxury hotels
We work with luxury hotels that market to English-speaking guests in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
Hospitality management companies
Most management companies have a sales and marketing team, but very few have true email expertise
Hotel developers
A strong email program can launch you quickly and help you meet revenue milestones

Let's get the ball rolling

Do you want to improve your email marketing? So do we.
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