How to recognize a bad writer

January 5, 2019
Julie Myers, Freelance Writer
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In the trade, we call 'em hacks. Not like growth hacking or Ikea hacks. Hacks in this sense is derived from the word "hackneyed," meaning unoriginal, trite, and overused.

Writers who are hacks have lost their zest for creativity, if they ever had it. They have no passion, although "passion" is itself a hackneyed term.

If you are buying freelance copywriting services, you need to recognize a hack on the spot.

Sadly, there are more of them around today than ever. Back in the day, and I'm going way back, it was tough for freelancers to be hacks. Printers just wouldn't recommend them, and printers were the main channel for referral business. Freelance writers could also work for agencies, which definitely did not hire hacks.

Today, anyone can hang their shingle on the Internet and call themselves a writer. Most clients don't know the difference.

Okay, without further fanfare or fuss, here is the cheatsheet to spotting a hack.

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