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I'm Julie Ross Myers, a freelance writer for experiential brands. I used to live in Miami, where I was Miami Writer. I moved to a small beach town in 2016 and re-branded as Brand Stampede.

I would love to hear from you. Seriously. Ask anything. If you're in the area, let me know and we can go for fried oysters and discuss the merits of the Harvard comma. 
Brand Stampede
Edgewater, FL 32132
T: +1 386 868 3682
Skype: live:brandstampede

Are we a match?

It's important that we begin our collaboration on the with similar attitudes toward the importance of branding, copywriting, and open communication.
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We are like cardamon and custard if...

01. You recognize the value of copy in driving sales and building a brand.

02. You understand that my critique of your brand is part of the process and not personal.

03. You know that taking creative risks is the essence of being a strong brand.

04. You don't need to bounce work off of myriad friends, family and colleagues. 

05. You will tell me plainly and openly about concerns that may arise, even after the project is done.

06. You love dogs, especially poodles.

We are like oatmeal and mustard if... 

.01 You want me to do free work as a sample, test, or trial.

.02 You could write it yourself but you don't have time.

.03 You want your copy to sound like "insert famous brand here."

.04 You want a discount because "there's more work down the road."

.05 You cut corners rather than take the time to do it right.

.06 You emphasize *repeatedly that you are easy to work with.


I am a Florida-based freelance copywriter who works with clients across the U.S. and globally. My specialty is creating voices for experiential brands and using them consistently across digital and traditional channels. I have been a copywriter for 30 years and have loved (almost) every minute of it.

To solve a problem, begin by looking at it in new ways. Asking new questions will result in new answers.

If you have questions, drop me an email. If you are in a panic give me a call (but email is usually a better way to go.)
Julie Myers | Copywriter
[email protected]
+1 386 868 3682
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