Calculating the Value of Brand Trust

Trust is the single most important dimension of brand value. So, when you improve the worth of your brand, you are really improving the value of brand trust.

There are a number of ways of measuring brand value. Here are the most common with average improvement metrics. Some industries will be higher or lower, but these calculators provide a good approximation.

What does it mean?

Brand recognition value is an estimate of how much more you would have to spend on marketing in order to achieve the same level of brand awareness and recognition. 

Brand perceived value is the value your brand adds to your products, allowing you to charge more than unbranded generic products or poorly branded competitors.

Brand credibility value is a direct measure of customer trust in your brand and how much it boosts your sales in dollars.

Brand pride value measures the pride customers take in your products or services and how this translates into referred sales; it also impacts how proud employees are to work for your business, which affects their productivity and efficiency.

Total brand value is the portion of your overall revenue that results from your brand; it is a percentage of your business valuation.

These are rough approximations meant to show the potential power of branding. True brand valuations are more complex and are done by brand evaluation firms.

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