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It doesn’t really do you much good to have a great landing page or email campaign if your story is wrong.

I have a knack for getting to the heart of your most profitable story. Part of the secret sauce that goes into a great story is that it taps into the psychology of your market; most consumers are driven by four core motivators: greed, sex. fear, and the need to belong.


money / power

Global capitalism ensures that human greed will always be at play in the market. A study by Simmons found that young Millennials are often status purchasers but older Millennials are bargain hunters. Both groups value quality, ignore traditional marketing and rely on influencers (bloggers) and social media to guide their product choices. And both demand brand authenticity.


lust / ambition

No surprise here: men like sexually explicit marketing but women can be offended by it. Either way, sexy ads get noticed more but they don’t necessarily sell more. The exceptions are predictably: fashion, perfume, lingerie, alcohol, and even autos. These products are already intertwined with sex and romance. So, when sexy ads tap into pre-existing associations, they make sense.


security / status

Fear has spawned new products like antibacterial soap and sustains old ones like wrinkle cream. Providing a fail-safe solution to a fearful situation is a formula for success. According to one study, 69% of Millennials are motivated by FOMO (fear of missing out)  to buy experiences like concerts over tangible products so they can share these events in social media. In this respect, FOMO is closely aligned to status-seeking.


self / society

Status and belonging are powerful core motivators, especially for Millennials. The desire to be socially accepted goes back to 1943 with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Today, among Millennials, social acceptance occurs online. By keying into the interests and values of Millennials, brands expand their digital footprint. Anthropologie’s social media strategy shows precisely how this occurs across various social channels.

I do impossible things… meet crazy deadlines, spin webs from nothing, come up with unexpected ideas and clever strategies, and build brands from scratch. I’m the freelance copywriter who takes on marketing challenges in the “when pigs fly” category.

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