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I love print. Happily, it’s making a comeback. Marketers realize print cuts through the overload of digital media. It has a longer shelf life. And it provides a better experience, from greater readability to nicer-looking images. Research shows that people, especially Millennials, trust print more than other channels. In fact, 92% of college students would rather read print than digital format books.


All print work must be built upon a creative concept. The creative concept ties the piece together, so there is an overarching message. Digital work usually lacks this type of focused concept because pages have to exist as single entities. Print pieces are linear and all pages contribute to the concept.


Print writers must know enough about printing processes to properly format a brochure or direct mail piece. For example, you can have a 6-page folded brochure but not a bound one because printing is done in increments of 4 pages. BTW, the same skills come in handy when writing e-books.

Copy Fit

Printed pieces use different page sizes and layouts. I’m able to work with art directors to copy fit the text accurately. In fact, I once wrote a brochure for IBM that required a certain number of characters and lines per page. I can also write in English for translation, e.g. no puns and leaving 30% wiggle room.


Interesting copy outsells flat writing by 36% or more. Keep the reader’s attention, and a long sales narrative will outdo a short sales pitch by 40%. It requires creativity, empathy, and depth. So, while it is much more difficult to write at this level – and therefore more expensive – the ROI is well worth it.

Print Writing Projects

  • Booklet Brochures – the classic stapled or sewn multi-page corporate brochure or product brochure, such as a glossy auto brochure
  • Folded Brochures – created in a variety of formats, from simple rack folders and gatefold brochures to z-folds
  • Flyers – including leaflets and single-page handouts such as fact sheets, these pieces have to be succinct and clear and often use bullets
  • Traditional Direct Mail – think of credit card offers with cover letters, it achieves a response rate of 4.4% vs. 0.12% for email (Source: Direct Marketing Association)
  • 3D Direct Mail – costly custom packages that can be used for product launches or to reach a difficult market, like wealthy consumers or C-suite execs, but it still depends upon list quality
  • Point-of-Sale Advertising – anything from tabletop tent cards and door hangers to life-size store displays
  • Periodical Advertising – usually ads in niche interest magazines that have a loyal subscriber base

Some Brands I’ve Worked With

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