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65% of freelance writers are side hustling for extra cash. Here’s a quote from one freelancer: “Writers want to write about what inspires them, their own stories. The dream is very entrepreneurial – making money and being your own boss.”
As a copywriter, my job is to tell my clients’ stories, not my own. Although I’ve published stories and a cookbook, writing for myself does not interest me. I prefer the challenge of helping clients to realize their entrepreneurial goals.
about me


“the most boring copywriter in the world”

Before I tell you about me, let me tell you about “no brand” branding. In Korea, the “No Name” brand carries the slogan “No brand. Made for consumer” and has spread throughout Asia. Muji (meaning “no mark”) originates in Japan but is globally prized. Both have built reputations based on quality, in effect establishing strong brands.

The standard for consultants is to tell you about themselves on their About pages and include a headshot. Copywriters tend to sprinkle in sugary creative details, like the marshmallow bits in Lucky Charms: “When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing the harmonica, doing stand-up comedy, and training my two gerbils to do acrobatic tricks.”

I have no interests or hobbies, outside food and Netflix. I do not like to do anything except work. What would a photo of me tell you about my work, really? I abhor talking about myself on social media.

In short, I am a No Name brand: my work and what I have to say about it are what matters.


BA, Sociology


BA, Fine Art


Internet Marketing


Practical Branding


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