We love creating hotel emails

We're a nimble team of hotel marketers who love working with email. If your hotel could use better email marketing, we'd love to talk.

Our Mission

We exist to solve a fundamental problem: hotels don't have the time or expertise to create strategic email marketing campaigns.
We help hotels build a library of campaigns that decrease a hotel's reliance of on spur-of-the-moment room discounts.  We also develop content-rich emails campaigns that forge deep emotional bonds with past guests and subscribers.

Why We Began

There is an important void in hotel marketing services.
 Over our years of working in hotel marketing with various vendors, we noticed it was difficult to find true competency and accountability. Further, while digital hotel agencies are plentiful, there is no agency focused entirely on hotel e-marketing. This need presented a simple business opportunity.

Our Values

Clichéd as it may be, we strive to be trusted partners who our clients can rely upon for truthful, pragmatic marketing advice. 


We are completely transparent in our work methods and pricing. Clients always know the status and cost of each project


We value genuine expertise in every facet of email production, from the strategy and content creation to design and development


Discipline is the secret sauce to successful email marketing; we stress the importance of an orderly workflow and strategy

How We Work

Hoteliers enjoy working with us because we sincerely care about their email marketing performance.
  • We follow best practices including list segmentation
    We use award-winning copywriters and designers
    We provide emails in zip files for uploading
    We have a total of 40 years in hotel marketing
  • We include everything, even graphics and stock photos
    We are data-driven and seek to improve metrics
    We genuinely love creating great hotel emails
    We are collaborators who share your goals
  • We specialize in email marketing for hotels
    You own all email templates and creative content
    We do carefully thought out personalization
    We are fully bespoke yet also affordable
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