Find out if your website inspires trust

Any business with a low trust factor faces friction, which lowers conversions. I benchmark the believability of your web content so you can move beyond the problem into the solution.
Work not guesswork
A content analysis is used to find patterns in your website content. You will get a very accurate understanding of whether your site communicates credibility and trust – or not. This information is combined with readability indexes and put in the context of your Google Analytics bounce rate and time on page.
If you know what's wrong, you can fix it
Mixpanel reported the average retention rate for web users was below 20% across all industries after eight weeks. A big reason was lack of trust. If you know where your website is failing you, you will have a roadmap for fixing it. I can do it or you can hire someone else.
8-month followup, included
I monitor your Analytics to look for improved engagement and conversions. 

The United States is enduring an unprecedented crisis of in U.S. brands dropped 5%, the biggest globally. 

- Richard Edelman, 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer

Start with a trust audit

Does your website inspire trust?  Or are you alienating prospects without realizing it?

End with trusted words

Fix the problems revealed by the trust audit and have writing that resonates with your audience.

Some brands I've worked with

It would be awesome to add you to the list.

Enough about me
Let's talk about you

Let's chat for 15 minutes. Tell me what's on your mind. 
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